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Making an appointment directly

May I see you on Monday?

Could I/we meet you this evening?

Are you available at your office/clinic this evening for a consultation?

I would like to have an appointment regarding some financial issues with my business, what time are you available?

Making an appointment directly (semi-formal)

Could I meet you this evening?

Is it OK if I see/meet you …….on Monday/this evening?

Can we meet at Robinson square …….this evening/tomorrow morning?

Is it Ok for you If is meet you at Ruby Park tomorrow afternoon at 2?

How about meeting at Central square tonight at 9?

May/shall  I drop by your office while returning home today evening?

Can I/we expect you at Elizabeth’s party tonight?

I wonder if you could spare a few minutes this evening to discuss my new business?

Making an appointment through Secretary/receptionist/personal assistant

I would like to see doctor Sen for consultation this evening, is he available?

Could I expect an appointment with the Attorney tomorrow evening, with regard to ………?

Is possible to see/meet the chairman tomorrow afternoon?

Can I meet the President today at 6 p.m.?

Is the Lawmaker available today at p.m.?

Can I have an appointment with the auditor on Thursday evening?

Conceding or accepting an appointment

Yes, you can see/meet me this evening I am available till 7.

You are welcome, Please try to come/drop by before 7 p.m.

Yes, I will here till 8 p.m.

Yes, I am available you can see/meet me this evening.

I think Saturday will be OK, because, I am away on a business tour.

Sure,  you can come any time between 5 and 7 p.m.

Yes, tomorrow evening is perfect.

Yes, tomorrow morning is fine.

What time would like to drop by?

Declining/deferring an appointment politely

Sorry, the Attorney is away on vacation

Sorry, He/she won’t be back until 2nd June.

We are extremely sorry to say that the doctor is not available this week for appointments.

I am afraid (= sorry) he may not be available tomorrow evening, however, you can see him the day after tomorrow.

I wish I could see you, but I have to leave for London tonight, Is Monday 2nd Jan OK for you?

I wish I could give you an appointment, but I have to be away on Wednesday on some important work.

I am afraid I won’t be available tomorrow, Is Friday evening OK?

I am really sorry I am unable to attend the office at 4 p.m. today, Is tomorrow OK for you?

Oh……… 7 p.m.…. It’s difficult for me to come will 8 p.m. be OK?

I am afraid it’s not possible today.

Oh, Thursday it’s a very busy day for me, I would rather prefer Saturday, Is it OK?

I need to advance my appointment on Monday (by one day) is it possible?

Canceling an appointment politely

I am sorry I have to cancel my appointment due to an emergency meeting at Margret’s

I am extremely sorry to cancel my appointments due to heavy rains and floods in and around the town.

Sorry, I make a mistake which conceding an appointment actually I am away to a meeting tomorrow, will Monday be OK for you?

Sorry, I am not available tomorrow, shall I reschedule the appointment for Sunday evening?

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